TENEX supplies natural uranium, services for uranium conversion and/or enrichment, as well as enriched uranium product to all key regional segments of the global market

TENEX is the industry-wide integrator of international sales of reference products, works and services in the field of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive wastes (RAW) management, decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities

TENEX carries out export/import operations of NFC products with involvement of the leading licensed freight-forwarding companies and sea carriers via sea ports in the North-West and Far East regions of Russia

Supplies of uranium products by russian nuclear fuel cycle enterprises
Global promotion of russian back – end technology
Transport and logistics

Contact Information

TENEX, Joint-Stock Company

28/3 Ozerkovskaya nab., Moscow, 115184, Russia

E-mail: tenex@tenex.ru 

Fax: +7 (495) 543-3385


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