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Main areas of activity

Supplies of uranium products made by Russian NFC enterprises


TENEX is in the business of delivering enriched uranium product (EUP) and uranium conversion and/or enrichment services generated by Russia’s nuclear industry to all key areas of the global market.


The customers of TENEX-supplied products include over 30 companies in 14 countries worldwide. A network of foreign-based sales affiliates has been established in target regional markets to enhance the quality and promptness in the delivery of services to TENEX’s customers.


Transport & logistics support for supplies 


The subjects of improving the reliability of supplies, minimising the time spent to deliver a products to the customer and reducing expenses for its transportation are a constant point of attention for TENEX.


Uranium export/import operations are carried out via sea ports in the North-West and Far East regions of Russia by the leading licensed freight-forwarding companies (including TENEX subsidiary – JSC SPb IZOTOP) and sea carriers. Transport operations are realized in certificated special package, which meet all safety requirements.


TENEX is taking measures for constant monitoring of transportation equipment needs and promptly fulfilling them – the own fleet of UX-30 overpacks, manufactured by Columbiana Hi Tech LLC and a stock of own 30B containers and 48Y, produced by China’s CIMC has been built up.


Using own transport equipment helps minimise expenses involved in leasing equipment from foreign transport and freight forwarding companies during export/import operations.






Promotion of Russian back-end technologies on the global market


TENEX, as the industry integrator in the field of promotion of proven Russian hi-tech solutions and R&D in the field of SNF and RW management, decommissioning of NPP’s and other nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities on the global market, is guided by the following core principles:


  • Сomplex solution for SNF and RAW management based on the closed NFC using thermal-neutron and fast reactors conceptions

  • Strict compliance with existing standards and rules for radiation safety as well as implementation of the best Russian and foreign practices

  • Openness for broad international cooperation on global back-end issues 












Business Model 


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